Sunday, June 20, 2010

fishy c-food

woot! anada makan-movie outing!

went to watched the movie, THE A-TEAM @ gurney plaza

rating? erm... for was just an average movie.. maybe a 3 star for their hardwork.hehe

we went for the earliest movie. so by the time the movie ended, its lunch time!

for a change we went fish & seafood instead of the common chicken :)

so when you think of fish and seafood in gurney, whats the first thing that comes into your mind?

for me..

its non other than MANHATTAN FISH MARKET!!

the menu

cousins ordering while we were busy snapping pictures of everything else.haha

erm..came to think about it, i did not even really take a look at the!

check this out..

this is the so called

sauce. i herats the tartar the most!!!

cutlery for five please...

the history of manhattan fish market. i was sitting directly beside it.. so this is what i get. .

now im all ready to enjoy my meal :)

first food served. garlic bread

then..its mussels time. so basicaly the garlic bread is for you to dip into the garlic creamy gravy. seriously.. it will make you fly up to the heaven straight away!

manhattan's famous fish n chips

this is some herbs fish..i cant remember the name already... anyway..the taste ok nia...

seafood platter.. yum yum

close up

last but not least..

our latte!
guess what? this pwetty latte only cost us 99cent!! even mineral water in cold storage are more exy!

such a great lunch!

a big wide smile and peace

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