Tuesday, May 11, 2010

shoo! fats go away


i need to go on diet!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
im growing fatter and fatter and i guess 1 day my body will just explode into bits due to its maximum elasticity... u noe what i mean? the balloon theory..

being a couch potato seriously helps your body to grow! not upwards but SIDEWAYS!! omg!! kill me man... get a gun and shoot me. puncture my fats and allow it to flow away...

* a lil note to my fats*

dear fats,

i know i should not have jail u in the prison of daphne's body. i feel sorry for you and would like to set you free. however, i lost the keys to your cell..i guess its hidden among the layers of fats. please do mail me to let me know what i can do to set you all free! plsssssssssssss....

the management of prison


oh well,

it all started with STPM..

during STPM season people tends to get stress...then they tend not to eat..until they end up like a walking zombies with a superly thick chemistry ace ahead text book..

however, im different. i tend to eat more when im stress! why!! why im so different? eat eat eat...and dats where all the fats story begins. and they starts to enter the prison of daphne's body! its kept there somewhere.. then i told myself..oh well..its ok. after exam i will be normal again..and i'll go on diet.

after exam...started working.. when people start to work..they tend to skip meals because they have too many things to handle till lunch time flies away in a wink of an eye.. OR.. they were to tired to even have have dinner..so they choose the all-mighty bed than the superly yummy dinner...

me? as usual im different...i have nothing to do during working time.. all we do is to sit down and chit chat the whole day..and of course at the same time hoping for customers to walk in .. so when you have nothing to do... the thing that pop into your brain is the all-glorious word..FOOD!! so as foods enters your mouth..u noe rite..the fats enter its prison..

why am i always different? mayb i should join join 8tv..because they are always different! (their motto)

now.. not working anymore... but i've turn myself into a couch potato!!

omg..came to think about it..it had been months since i last went for a morning walk!

HELP!!! someone save me! the fats needs to be release immediately!

any kind human wana go for a morning walk with me? going alone sounds so pityful..

mayb i should start dancing again! no..not mayb..i SHOULD!!

ok..i shall chant the diet mantra...

i must go on diet...i must go on diet....diet..diet...

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