Thursday, May 20, 2010

nail art crazy part 3

are you ready kids?

aye aye captain!!

here comes a new sets of crazy nails! whoo..nail art is making me crazy! and i can tell you that they are addictive! it makes you wana have more more and more!

so..presenting....the nautical sailor nails!

honestly i love the ribbon design the most! i just realise..having a ribbon on your middle finger looks wrong.. you noe why? cz you cant shine spotlight on it and just show dat finger to everyone.haha

anyway..on the second thoughts i tink the ribbon reduce the harshness of the middle finger..makes it more feminine..haha

mayb when i point my middle finger to someone, that fella would forgive me and say.. awww.. so cute! <3 <3

don't you think im awesome?

yes i'm awesome!hehe

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