Monday, May 24, 2010

buffet dim sum

woot! speaking of dim sum..have anyone of you been to a buffet dim sum? em.. mayb its already a common thing in town..

but as for me..its my first! i noe...i all might think that im such a sua pak kau right?

so, last saturday i went for a buffet dim sum in cititel hotel.

actually we do not have the intention to go for the buffet..we were just dere for the ala carte cz we did not even noe that there is thing buffet thing..

oh my! the price? it is superly cheap! like rm18.80 for bottomless dim sum + rm 2 for the tea

so its around rm21 lo.. the best part is..the dim sum will only be prepared upon ordering! so all your dim sum would be fresh from the steamer!

besides, you dont have to worry about the dim sum auntie walking around and keep on asking you anymore dim sum for can enjoy your delicious dim sum without any disturbance.hehe

hearts the egg tart! damn..they are so delicious and mouthwatering.. oh..and im not a egg-tart-person.. yet it taste so good to me.. they really did put a generous amount of butter in the crust.

tada! the siao long pao! as usual it comes with some ginger vinegar sauce!

and guess what? i was too busy enjoying the food that i only have 2 pictures of the food! ca the food are too tempting!

you shud go and try seriously..

oh! and i made my mum camwhore with me in the ladies! haha

ok..i think dats all.. you can just ignore the photos below to avoid any injuries in the eye..haha

- at home waiting for my cousins to arrive

- me & mum

- a quick shot in the car when the traffic lights turn red.haha

-last but not least a picture of myself in the hotel

ei? you are still reading?! omg.. get well soon to both of your eyes then :)

ps: i spot this hotel opposite cititel

and its called MODERN HOTEL!! got it right? wat? like this call modern r?

then this leh?

guess this is called vintage then..hahaha

seriously i was laughing my ass off that time

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