Tuesday, May 25, 2010

mum mum outing :)

ok..i noe this is kinda outdated but who cares rite?haha

had lunch with my ex-colleagues from B&L House of Fragrance in TGIF @ queensbay the other day.. oh..i forgot when is the exact date actually..wait! i remember..its thurday!
their off day!haha

wanted to try out dragon-i at first but we changed our mind to dine at TGIF instead.. aww...sorry dragon-i..maybe next time :)

so this was what we had dat day

appetizer : mac 'n' cheese

hmm..take a closer look..omg..this is making me hungry.. its actually some macaroni covered with lots n lots of cheese in it. then dip into bread crumbs and fried. i guess? haha

its delicious!!!!!!

the main course : sizzling chicken and shrimp! theres a large amount of cheese involved in the making of this dish! the cheese were sizzling away in the hot plate when the waiter bought it to us! yummylicious! thumbs up!


second main course : adobo chicken! sounds familiar?
if you are playing cafe world in facebook, im sure you are familiar to this dish. in cafe world if im not mistaken it takes you 14 freaking hour to cook this dish! oh, lucky! the chef in TGIF took only 14minutes to cook it.haha

and oh..it doesnt comes with french fries but instead theres a lil twist in it. it comes with fried sweet potatoes. in stripes of course! the orange colour wan.. that our mum used to cook 'huan zhu soup' as desert :)

alamak..forgot the drinks!

mine : hot chocolate

irene's : tropical oasis

colyn's : chocolate milk shake

definitely some shots before eating :)

ps: i heart the kitchen sign

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