Friday, April 16, 2010



this is a just a simple word..

and almost every single human on earth who understands english would know its meaning...

the spelling? omg! its simple too what more its pronunciation..


i just could not understand why is it so hard to find this simple quality in all of us, human?

we call ourselves super intelligent being and yet cant we don't have this simple quality in our honorable soul?

funny isn't it?

yes! laugh at ourselves...

oh well..i must admit im not easily contented too!

hmm..i used to have wavy hair...

and i always dream to have long and curly hair..with big waves and a little more volume on it...

until one day i went forward and curled my hair.. i was very happy with the result.. but it took endless effort to take good care of it..

endless effort = endless products = endless $$ going out from your pocket

u must be wondering how many products i used right?

hmm.. i have :

hair shampoo (basic)

conditioner (basic)

hair treatment / hair mask

leave-on hair treatment

strong liquid

bed head small talk - styling

beautility lets play - styling

hair mousse

difusser & hair dryer

after having my curly hair for a while...i start to realise straight hair is gorgeous..straight long hair = wow! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-UL!! 1 point i felt like going to hair studio to straighten it...but due to the original waviness of my hair... i couldnt

my hair would look puffy and i will have to re-straighten every 3months

and this means more $$ flying away and my hair would enter its little long coffin faster!

so knowing this i deleted the idea from my brain-cpu..

but i was NOT contented yet... i flipped through the magazine ( some korean and japanese mag) and realise that short and wavy hair is PRETTY! i could not resist the temptation !!

just before i made my final mum told me...short hair needs a lot of mantainance..and if i change my mind i would have to wait for months for my hair to grow again..

what made me changed my mind? its her question... will you not regret after you cut it? and do you have the patience to wait for it to grow in case you regret?

ahhh!!!! i couldnt answer her question..

so to play safe...i did not cut it..

oh..before that i wanted a short and straight hair too!

now..after having this hair style for almost a year...

i feel like cutting it shorter..i was thinking..mayb i should keep the curled hair since im so figure-minded...

so i start to set a date to visit the hair studio...

after the date was set..for tues

when sunday comes i dont feel like cutting it anymore.. i felt attached to my hair and could not let go of it..

and this process keeps on repeat endlessly...

see... proud to say that this scenario does not only happen to happen to 90% of the human being out there

the short hair always wanted it long..

the curly wanted it straight

the silky black wanted it hilighted

the bald wanted more hair

and the hairy wanted it bald!

CONTENTED? AHH..maybe this word should only be found in our dictionaries

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