Friday, May 21, 2010

i cut my hair!!

finally! after super duper dipper much consideration... i've finally made up my mind to cut my curly-fied hair!

yup! you got it right! my long curly hair is gone! lets wave good bye to them!haha

honestly..i was worried during my hair cut! im afraid to see the outcome! what if it turns to look as though some one just threw a bomb on my head? if it happens..i think i will just dig a hole and bury myself in it till my hair grow! seriously...

after the cut.. my hair looks wavy and the beautiful curls were gone.. :(

i sorta regret to cut it that moment.. hairstylist was so kind enough...* mayb she saw the sadness and the disappointment in me* that she took my styling cream to help me save the curls! haha

she made it curly again and blow dry it for me! hearts you hairstylist!! muaxxx!!!

and..she did not even charge me for all the curling and blow drying job! * was charged only for the haircut!* omg.. i superly hearts you hairstylist!! double muaxx

oh..i have to thank my beloved styling cream too! it is non other than SMALL TALK!

please do not underestimate this product! it saved my curls! and oh..the smell..the smell is so good that it really boost up your confident! with this product, now i can walk out of the hair saloon with confidence!

p/s: sorry was too busy to snap pics of my new hairstyle! will post it some other time!

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