Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hearts the catching up!!

wow! time really flies!

in a wink of an eye and the next think we realise is that...all of us are moving on in a separate direction..

but of course all of us do have the same 'one' thing in mind that keeps us strong through the journey we choose.. our future.

thank god we manage to have a catching up + farewell dinner before everyone one disappear!haha

credits to sheril for organizing it.. it wasn't easy to make sure everyone we 'busy' people tends to ppk people all the time!hah! although not 100% of us came..but at least 95% of us came..i guess??lol

ohya! luckily she booked a room! cz can u imagine 11 long lost friends catching up..the volume (noise)! the crazy topics we chat and so on might freak every single customers out! thank god karaikudi did not shoo us out for the loud noise we made which was sort of gona tear the walls down! our laughter seriously can cause earthquakes and tsunami!

i find this really funny..

it started with 2 groups of people...1 group of engineers-to-be and another doctors-to-be..

and now it ends up with all sorts of career!lol but i find it a good thing. at least they have found the real them..the job that they really have interest in and most importantly.. they are brave enough the go for it! :)

guess what? i even have a friends who wants to be a SEX TERAPIST! HAHA anyone needs some advise from her? let me know and i'll help you to contact her!!haha

ohya! when girls meet up.. how can we not snap pictures right?


and the best picture of the day...

drum roll please..

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  1. daphne, i cried when i look at this blog...thanks for everyth dear..i love all of it and i will miss you guys.. daphne, you so bad la. u wrote such a sweet blog and put up one of my favourite korean song and i always cry when i hear this song le..thanks for everything again.take care. i hope that we can meet up again!