Saturday, November 6, 2010


darn! its saturday already!!!



so how many days am i left with now? 1 and half day!!! *faint*

i hav to admit dat im not prepared for finals yet.. i dun hav the confidence to walk into the exam hall without my notes wif me...

but im rely trying my best to overcome this fear of mine... had been staying up late n burnt midnight oil almost every single day...

crap. i could not even remember when was my last time slepping soundly wif no worries at night! :((

dark circles are dominating my eyes now. now, when u see me, first thing u wil see is my freaking dark circles before my tired eyes.. T.T

dun believe me?

nah! i show u my ugly face..



photo taken using my web cam..

blurry photo n yet the first thing u notice is my oh god dark circles!! argh....

according to my fwen's theory : one day my whole face wil turn black. u noe why? cz the dark circles are enlarging n multiplying... they hav no where else to grow so they spread to my entire face. n my entire face would turn black!

get it?? no? oh!nvm... just move on...

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