Friday, November 26, 2010


hey ya! so sorry for not updating for such a long time :S

had been superly busy wif finals n then right after finals, my time was even more packed! had to packed my luggage n everything in like few hours dat nite right after my finals..

n guess wat?im being such a nice blogger dat im actually blogging to update u guys when im SICK! T.T blogging away with a whole mountain of tissue paper accompanying me (just cant stop sneezing) shows my loyalty to my blog,yes??hehe


right after finals, we decided to treat ourselves wif good food for working so hard!therefore we decided to explore the new cafe/restaurant called OLD TASTE (smth like OLD TOWN) @ BB Bazaar..

it was kinda like farewell dinner too cz after dat all of us will heading back to our hometown respectively! :)

this is us. dont get the number wrong. theres only 4 ppl in dere.hahaha

sounds sad? no! the 4 of us can actually crap like nobody's business n rock our own whole?haha

ordered malacca's famous 3 layered tea! bt was pretty disappointed..i find the 1 in the yong tau foo shop taste better.hehe



tried the nyonya laksa! nt bad ler...

the food was an ok.ok standard for me..definitely love OLD TOWN n KIM GARY better!hehe

guess wat? after the dinner we gt all mischevious n created this! :P

not bad huh? we were considering to categorised this nom nom into fine dining!haha

y?cz fine dining comes in big plated n small portion don't they? plus wif extra loads of decorative n artsy stuff on it...

our creation fits into all the requirement! so therefore its a yummy fine dining nom nom!!
wana try???hehe



oh!when girls meet up, how can they not snap pic together, right?

so here u go! a group picture together :)

after dinner, we sent wen theng a.k.a ah tiau to the bus stop cz she was living in some other hostel :(

dat time, i gues some screw must hav gotten loose due to exam pressure that we started singing out loud at the bus stop while waiting for th bus!!haha

n our singing continues even after we sent ah tiau off!LOL
imagine 3 of us crossing a busy road n walking back to hostel at nite while singing high-pitched song!!LOL

once we reached our hostel, things gt serious as its LUGGAGE-PACKING-MARATHON!!!

its a difficult mission cz i hav to fit all my stuff (4months supply of clothes n everything else) into 2 luggage???

came to think of it.. its kinda a great achievement for me cz honestly i never rely packed my own luggage before.. call me a spoilt brat or wat bt i just could nt deny the fact :(


next day!

its exploring malacca time! XD

wait!i hav a confession to make : i was enjoying myself too much dat i forget to snap pic T.T
sowee.... :(

early in the morning went to meet up wif zhi ying @ sentral to send her off. so fast wana go home liao...ish...

photo snapped by zhi ying : she cut herself into half!LOL



luckily the guys came in time n helped us to snap this picture!hehe

after sending her off, we had breakfast in mcd before we start to explore malacca..hehe

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