Friday, November 5, 2010

a lil twist to deepavali this year

its deepavali again! :)

so i would like to take this opprtunity to wish all my indian friends happy deepavali and as for the others, happy STUDY week!! haha
ya, i know. im such a kill joy cz i just hav to highlight the word STUDY to u all..haha..
anyways, saw this amazing kolam in new jusco that day! its superly huge k?
pictures was zoomed all the way frm 2nd or 3rd floor of the shopping mall using my baby c903 :)
i was actually amazed by it.hehe
cz they even have toning on it and to make it stand out.. they put glitters here n dere too! gorgeous and hard work i would say! bravo to the artist :)
deepavali dis year was 'special'..
1. deepavali used to be happy day cz its a public holiday! me n mummy would end up ronda-ing around
dis year? its study week ler... =.=
2. deepavali is supposed to be a festival of light isnt it? like bright light everywhere..soo bright til u might wana consider wearing sunglasses everywhere you go!haha
now? to hav a lil twist to it...
my 'genius' light in the living room choosed to blow off dis time..during study week!!
not only that! seeing that the light in the living room went caotic, the toilet light felt lonely n decided to kill himself too!!
so the whole house ended up bathing romantically in the toilet!lol its scary k?... cz i cant see anything in dere ><
no matter day or night its stil equally dark cz there isnt any window or smth in the toilet!ish...
i was teasing my roommate by telling her not to mistakenly used hair shampoo as facial cleanser or smth..hahaha
see! deepavali is so interesting dis year, no? lol
p/s: the fastest time for them to repair the lights would be this monday! so im gona spend my weekend emo-ing in the dark while studying i guess?haha

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