Tuesday, November 2, 2010

crap! its day 2 of study week already!!!!

oh no! i've entered the 2nd day of my study week!!!

i still could not see lights ahead me..everything seems blurry and dark ahead... guess dis wat those who wear specs feel when they took off their specs...

my progress? haha...

as slow as always.. like a grandmama tortoise i would say...

darn! i really need to speed up in everything i do now... :( haiz....

as times passes.. my fear towards exam multiply like a puney microorganism breeding.. u noe? like they wan we learn in science when we were in form1? if im not mistaken, one of it is amoeba rite??? fuiyoh! it multiply in a speed of light n like nobody's business lo!!!

so yea.. thats dat rate of my fear now? according to senior, the fear wil multiply like 7988976times compared to wat i feel right now the moment i enter the gigantic cold hall! T.T

funny thing is, when i go online.. i somehow have energy to go surf her surf there. once i press the button off on the 'wifi' button on my netbook... its like me switching off my energy button in my body.. seriously...

once i take out my book.. i will go ZZzzzzzz............

what m i gona do???? finals is round the corner..

haiz.. guess i really need this rite now lo?haha



yup. sabun tahan mengantuk. saw this poster in uni the other time n could not stop laughing at it!hahaha

was wondering whos the genius who invented this useful (em..do not noe wats da best word to describe it) product?

eh! just realised they have their contact number on it too! so those of u who is desperate to stay awake.. u can call them n purchase it i guess??

as for me? i shall drown myself into a pool of notes now :(((((((

ok. thx for dropping by to hear my nonsense. see ya?

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