Tuesday, September 21, 2010

no nid tittle lar..... ;)

this post is dedicated to a friend-nemy of mine, all the way from himalaya, and called herself himalayatan :)

so yea, ms. tan, i kept my promise to blog about this. hope you will be able to get some internet line on top of the himalaya mountain to read this post of mine! :)


so here you go...

my friend was curious over what kind of electrical appliances that we are allowed to bring to my hostel because apparently, her hostel does not allow her to bring any electrical appliances!(p/s: means hp charger also cannot r?)

so i was wondering if you guys are curious over this matter or not lo..plus i also promise her to blog about it.. so i ended up writting this post lor...hehe

about a month ago, d hostel admin put up a notice asking us to register our electrical appliaces. these appliances were divided into 2 groups. 1st group item are the ones that we can bring in and use for free while another group's item, we have to pay rm5 per year.

items from group 1 are:

1. lappie!!

- definitely a must. i just have to tell you that my time moved so slow during the first few week of uni cz the 'SMART' me decided not to bring laptop here yet!! *smack myself and and "SMARTNESS" *


- because of this, some students are even making money by printing stuff for other students.lol


4. hair dryer

5.table lamp

6. table fan

7. hp charger

- definitely must must have! if not all the students in the hostel will be disconnected to the world!haha ei? if they happen not to allow us to bring charger, then i will open a shop downstair and called it CHARGING CENTRE where students can come and charge their hp in my shop. and i will charge them maybe rm 3 per hour! by then, i will b rich!!!lol

8. kettle

- i meant the electric wan ok? cz u dun expect us to buy a stove just to boil water right?lol

9. iron

group 2 :


- haha..i brought this!!lol * read my previous previous post and you will know y.. :) *

2. radio

-this is kinda funny to me.. when i first read the word radio..the first image that came to my mind was this!

hahaha...really wan! oh well i was insane that moment i guess :P
3. tv!
-for some unidentified reason, they allow us to bring tv to hostel?lol but no bigger that 21"..
so since we can bring tv, can we bring astro along too?lol!
4. bread toaster
- wa. you see. they are so nice..they even think of our breakfast and thus allow us to bring toaster!lol mayb next time i can have my mini version of old town in my very own hostel!haha

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