Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cheat my money wan....

so have you guys watch this movie already?

went to watch it 3d in gurney today :)

lined up the long q,
pay rm16,
collect the specs,
watched the movie,
came out disappointed :(

really... the movie is so short!! like 1 and half hours only..i mean dont u think such action movie should be around like 2 hours plus or smth?

not only dat... the movie DO NOT HAVE ENDING!! i pay rm16 watching a movie with no ending?? cheat my money wan...T.T

how could they cheat a poor kid like me? :(
i felt cheated and decided not to eat my dinner... :((

the movie came to the climax den suddenly end!! c la...kek ki or not?

and now i have to wait, lets say anada year, pay another rm16 just to watch the ending?

or worst still.. the next moving is gona end like this also.. and i will spend endless rm16.. and and the movie will turn out to be drama instead.lol

sorry la..today no mood plus lazy wana blog..so guess you guys have to hear me complain.

oh well...you choose to skip this post and come back some other time.but pls pls do me a favour...at least click and take a look at the advertisement can can?thx...:)

and oh! another thing to complain.hehe
the 3d specs hor i so big wei...keep on dropping down..as a result?i have to hold the evil specs through the whole movie so dat i can watch the show peacefully..lol

so basicaly, we pay rm16 to complain..haha

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