Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 weeks is not enough :(

oh crap!

in a blink of an eye, and the next thing i realised is my raya break is over!! :(

2 week passed so fast, faster than what i could imagine!

really.. and now the next thing i knew was, it's time to go back to malacca...and to add in the sadness, i have exams this coming monday!haiz..

my time is really packed.. cz i'll be leaving tomorrow morning and will reach there maybe around late evening..unpacked and wash up..and i guess i would called it a day..

and the next day woke superly early in the morning and then i will go panic! cz its exam!oh my... this is what i predict, things thats gona happen tomolo and monday!

talking about packing.. hah! i have finally done packing!whee!! *running in circles*

yes!manage to fit everything into the bag is a happy thing! cz i always find it hard to squash everything in..

oh!btw, my meaning of 'the bag' means...



yea!2 luggage and a plactic bag! eh..i missed something out! oh! plus my pink backpack!!

i really could not understand myself.. i always seems to have lots of things to bring!lol

even when i came back from malacca..the amount of clothes that i bring home, is like as though my entire house in penang ran out of clothes for me to bring...

and lazy bum like me, knowing that im going home, tend to bring every single nonsense home to wash!!haha so dat i can save my energy from washing the clothes..hehe smart leh?:P

but this time i forgive i was being such a good citizen of malaysia that i bring along mr. rice cooker back to malacca!haha

yea..u got me bringing a rice cooker back! laugh as much as u want...

and this explain the big gigantic plactic bag! but actually the main purpose of bringing the rice cooker is not to cook rice!haha

who says rice cooker can only cook rice?lol we planned to have steamboat party! and maybe some home cook soup day or watever la..these were the suggestions from my friends and i find it interesting.. so i randomly when to pay the hostel admin in order to bring it the other time and bringing it back there lo..

but thanks to sheril for offering to babysit my rice cooker when im going back home end of the year (cz the admin want us to empty the entire house end of the year)

and since i brought back a mountain of clothes when i came home, now i have to bring back a mountain + hill of clothes back to

cz when i came back home.. mummy tend to pulled me out and this explains the non-stop shoppping!haha

really..girls and shopping are good friends!

and then, i was planning and trying to be nerd in penang that i brought back tonnes of books along which by now, i havent even touch some of those books! *smacks myself* for bringing extra loads...

so now... i have to bring back...

mountain+hill of clothes + tonnes of books+ loads of nonsences i brought back to let mummy wash + rice cooker = i have no choice but to take taxi back to hostel!!

my life is so miserable...haiz..

so to cut down the amount of miserable in my life, im shall enjoy the 'ai xin' hot chocalate malt while blogging!hehe

p/s: this is my dinner ok? dont look down on it r.. save the space in my stomach for dim sum tomorrow morning before boarding the bus.. :)

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