Saturday, September 25, 2010

exam stress

so yea, welcome to another nonsense post of mine..

am very very busy wif stuff these days so basically dun really have the blogging mood...

am in the middle of exam period and yet i have assignments piling up like PETRONAS twin tower!! so miserable:( and the datelines are getting closer... and my progress is like 0.001%

oh no!! i should smack myself for being so stupid!! T.T

exams makes me stress.. cz sadly i have to admit that im very kiasu..i cant imagine myself failing my very first exam in uni..omg..if i really fail the papers..i will just jump into a bowl of mushroom soup! seriously..

so this is my routine! studying..haiz...

me wana go out and play too :((((

and oh! my face is not cooperating too! here comes all the dark circles, eye bags and even pimples are popping out like volcanoes!! haiz.. there goes my ugly face..
so due to all this sadness + stress + kiasu-ness.. i be tahan and did this!
after drawing that, i felt better. then i realised that all my friends finish their ms test already, i became emo and did this....

but after all this nonsense, i further realised that im basically wasting my time doing that. so i came to a conclusion whish says, im gona be dead!

ok. thanks for allowing me to waste 5mins of your life. bye bye.

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