Thursday, September 9, 2010

nail art again!hehe

hey yah! nail arts again..hehe

am busy and lazy at the same time to upload my uni photos one by one. so i shall talk about something simple today.haha

it has been a long time since i last pamper myself and allow my creativity to flow out. so i decided to paint my nails again.hehe

so here it goes...




ok.this is kinda outdated d.haha
i did it before i go to few days before going there but i clean it away a day before i went to

but i still like it cz its 3D!hehe



this one?haha

i stil could not believe myself dat i actually paint gold sparkling nail polish on my nails.

guess what?it happened like..yesterday!lol

my cousin dare me to do so and she keep on say try la try la try la..haha make me look so gaga-ish!

anada picture of it. sorry for the over brightness... took a pic of it in the car late at night..
so dats d best dat my hp can do for me... :)

p/s: picture not edited ok?:P




this? it happened like this morning!!lol

i miss pastel colours... so decided to put my 'abandone for 2 months' light blue colour on!!hehe

to tell you honestly, i have never try putting on plain pastel colours on my nails just lidat before... cz i find it scary... i dun have fair hands like if i have those solid colours on my nails without any will make me look so auntie-ish...

so sad rite?


y i did it today? just out of curiosity... since i wont be going out today. so no one will see the scary me mer...hahaha

*whisper* so what do you think? pastel colour n me... do we both match each other? :D

let me noe your opinion ya?hehe




see! i told you! i cannot tahan without any patterns or designs wan...

i just have to do something with it...

so i decided to go for the polka-dots! me hearts cute lil dots on nails wan..hehe

its simple and nice.. (to me ler..) maybe to you people out there u might say, oh god! so ugly eh...

plus im kinda busy with everything.

so i do not wana waste a lot of time just to get my nails done:)

ok ok..thats to get back back to my work liao.. T.T

such a miserable holiday for me with loads of assignment and exams waiting for me after holidays..:((((


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