Monday, January 17, 2011

genting part 1

ok.finally managed to find some time to blog bout this superly duperly outdated post!LOL

went to genting during sem break last year ( which was exactly 1mth ago frm today)..hehe when u go for a holiday, wat is the most important aspect that you wil look into?

will it b the places of interest? food? transportation? or mayb the accomadation?

to me.. getting a good n comfy hotel is important. cz u will sleeping in dere the whole night! u need a good rest to recharge your energy so that u can enjoy ur trip the following day, yes? pla dun tell me u dun mind staying in hotel dat could easily turn out to b the best habitat of a rat or mayb some hanuted hotel a~

anyway, this is our hotel in genting! we stayed at resort world that time. definitely a thumbs up! xD

the tv cabinet n writting desk

our comfy bed! 1 queen sized + 1 single bed

now..lets take a look at the toilet! toilet is important too! who wants to bath in a yucky slimy toilet rite?? so toilet is definitely one of first few things that i wil check out when i check into a hotel room..hehe

i prefer shower over bathtub actually. cz i find shower more hygenic..hehe *im not an OCD btw...

the dressing table! the dressing table and closet ( 2 closets to be exact!) is in a room of its own! happyness! :)

now i can camwhore in there myself! =p

can even get a camwhore partner dere too!

my camwhore partner says we can camwhore in the lift too! lol

n this is the lift area!

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