Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 photo shoot session - part 1

happy chinese new year everyone!
so for those singles out dere, hav u collected all ur annual 'income' aka red packet yet? psst..hows it? better economy dis year??haha

btw, sorry for being away for such a long time..had been very busy lately.. ><

oh! went for a photo shoot session wif jamie n joreen on the 1st of Feb.. guess wat?? in a mere 2hours plus we took 700 over photos!! can u believe this??!LOL

will upload some frm time to time..if i rely upload all, i think all of u would go blind looking at those pictures~haha


ok.i wasnt posing in this picture actually..was admiring the clear sky! so pweety!! despite the heat that could have turn me into a puddle of melted daphne??haha


kinda semangat n changed into heels.. bt wait til u see the rest of the photos after this..haha




#6 and i was day dreaming!haha


  1. hey hey, hw's the photoshop software doing?? ok with it?? sms me ur add, so i can send u after i photocopy