Saturday, January 8, 2011

what should u do when u r on a long journey or lining up in an endless q??

especially when u r see this amount of humans ahead....

so what do u do??

my ans would camwhoring session!!

yes u r rite! camwhore as much as u wan to occupy urself :)

u can camwhore in the car even though the space is super limited n everyone is cramp up too. like the one above!! xD

or grab a camwhore partner who is in the same situation as u and are equally vain n bored in the car....

better to a random place with ur camwhore partner n ask someone else to snap a pic of u both

oh! i forgot..u can experiment the different mode of lightings or watever in ur camera or hp too.. in this case i choosed sepia......

u can try different facial expression also. b creative! as long as u dun freak out the poor human sitting beside u....

and finally u realised.. that u hav already reach the destination!! so end your camwhoring session wif a decent and smiley pic!

so now u noe how to occupy yourself without getting bored n growing mushrooms on your head rite?

go go try n tell me how u feel alright? :)

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