Sunday, January 16, 2011

i need sponsors!

yello peeps! sorry for not updating.. had been real busy this few weeks... new sem has everything including our timetable went chaotic. i rely dunu how those smart ppl up dere did our timetable.. the course n time clashes here n dere for the whole class! so everyone do not know when n where to attend lecture. wat group are they in and etc.. real haywire!! :S

thank buddha its all over now! finally i can hav a standard timetable n im NOT LOST anymore!! rely dun like that feeling where u do not know when and where to go..wats up next? lecture? yes no? wat sub? clueless..hate that chaotic-ness!!

not only tat, had been busy finding sponsorships for the upcoming spring fest. our chinese society wil b organising the 5th spring festival in conjuction wif chinese new year this year!(will blog bout that event later on).

so now, most of my time are spent either in lecture or calling sponsor! n i can now teel u dat im bankrupt! my phone bill is giving me heart attack! ><

and the sad part is...i stil need a main sponsor! someone pls b kind and sponsor our event! pls..........

trying to do some puppy eye plus emo effect to get more sponsor.. but obviously fail to the max!!

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