Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Food Hunt : Dinner at Pudu " Wai Sek Kai "

eversince i came to kl, i have dis thing of trying all the good nom noms in kl. bt most of the places i target are the things the locals eat or another word is called hawker food! haha

their hawker food is a little different compared to the ones i ate in melaka or penang. even if its the same, i really would like to know what is so nice bout this particular dish dat all the people is raving about. just being curious.

restaurants, i do go too. dun worry! haha

so yesterday we decided to drive down to pudu and explore their legendary pudu "wai sek kai" !

its located at jalan sayur and about 2km from the puduraya bus terminal..

em.. bout 8mins if u were to drive dere from the station :)

still have no idea where the place is? use Waze ba! hahahaha the best invention for sesat queen like me~ xD

back to the food. this is what we ate..

"sei ngan zai" fried chicken. this is not the 1st time trying this. a friend of mine actually brought me dere few years back and she highly recommended this stall.

ordered the large drumstick! meaning a drumstick + thigh.. both for only rm4.50

one of the best fried chicken i have tried. even better than KFC's original flavour fried chicken. the skin is cripsy n the chicken is juicy. looking at it now make me crave more now!! T_T

besides the normal chicken part, i see quite a number of people ordered bishop nose too! or aka chicken ass! hahaha 

if u r adventurous enough n can try.. but foe me.. its a no no.. xD

next. the salted duck egg fried koay teow! when this plate came, we thought they served the wrong one to us. cz it looks just like a normal koay teow without eggs! LOL

we asked the hawker few time and she insisted is the right order. so we just eat la.. n from the 1st mouth u cn taste the salted duck egg already. 

magic! you can feel the feeling bt u cant see it! hahahahaha

oh! this plate cost us only rm5.50. i find the price kinda reasonable cz they add in salted duck egg n yet the price is an average of kl price.

but 1 thing is dat, i would have prefer it to be a little bit more salty. the taste was kinda bland...hehe

"lok mei" or "leng chi kang"

its a dessert. they called it lok mei cz there were 6 types of ingredient in the dessert. the taste was nice bt kinda expensive. 

i find it overpriced! ><

rm2.80 for a super small bowl. the size of a bowl is like the size of my fist only.. or the size of a bowl that hawker used to measure the white rice in "chu char"

but if u were to say ok wat.. compared to cha time, black ball n so on. then fine. i have no comment :)

ok. dis wan.. i dunu wats da name. hahahaha  bt the stall is very obvious la. with lots of "ho chiak" tv show logo all around. its basiscally a combi of  few bbq cuttle fish + 2 stuff tau pok + 1cracker. and for the sauce? it just the typical rojak buah sauce with lots of groundnut.

but this thing cost us rm15! super expensive! total shock when the dis arrived! haha

luckily the taste kinda nice la, if not waste my money a.. bt the cuttlefish was toooooooooooo salty for my liking :(

so basically these 4 items are wat i gobble up yesterday nite. sorry body for being super unhealthy. and cholesterol, i bet you are gona grin for adding more numbers for u.. T_T

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