Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thankiu Thankiu & Thankiu! Thats wat i had to say to Nuffnang! <3 p="">

Cz they invited me to attent the 3D premier screening of RIPD (Rest In Peace Department)! thinking back make me feel excited sumore..haha

okla.. u cn say me sua ku or wat... bt this is the first time attending a Premier Screening le! The movie is not even out yet anf not even rated yet, and yet i get to watch it first?? Who am i to deserve such awesomeness..  What more, this is the first time I am attending an event as a blogger! * feeling touched*

Before this i have never had a chance to attend, cz im not based in KL and opportunities are forever in KL.. T_T

So glad dat while i'm in KL i have the chance. And im looking forward and hoping for more events to attend as a blogger *finger crossed*

ok! enough of emotional gratefullness.. back to topic!haha

My ticket! xD was given 2 tickets so that i can drag a friend along for the movie!hehe 

The seats were given randomly and was unlucky enough to received to FIRST ROW!! sienz....

by anyway, the 3D was awesome! damn real! LOL i dunu is it just me or wat? I always thought TGV 3D is always better than GSC. Their glasses are more comfy.. GSC glasses then to drop (too big for me) and i ended up have to whole the glasses on for the whole movie...  ><

oh! make up of the day = no make up!hahahaha 

yes! im lazy like that.. haha cz i went there straight after work that day.. and i have been feeling lazy to put on make up to work nowadays..hahaha

so just bear with me and ignore the dark circles ok?hahaha

OOTD = working attire. hahaha

yes. i wore this to work that day. was so lazy to even bring smth to change so just wear it la.. Thank God i brought my blazer along.. if not i would been frozen to death.. hahahah

so anyways, remember to watch the movie when its out ok? If u like action movie + plus a little tinge of comedy, u will like it! ;)



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