Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY bracelet with gold chain and pearls

hello dearies! im back! if u had been following my facebook page, you would have know that i have been itching to do some handicraft stuff lately. if u havent follow me dere (angry face! ) den please remember to do so here alright? thankiu in advance :)

finally last weekend i finally had time to go search around places n got all the items needed! happy me :)

let me show u the 1st piece of bracelet that i have made yesterday nite..

TADAH!! nice anot?? xD its a simple classy gold chain and pearls.. 

so..many people would asked, y DIY when u can purchase it in accessories shop everywhere.. so many choices out dere!


1) i find accessories nowadays are overpriced! some cheapo looking material used and they charge you like rm30 n above?? 

2) DIY allows you to customised watever you want~~ and im all in for customization! hehe

3) ok.. some people may find this reason weird.. handicraft releases my stress and bring back my life! xD had been working 9-5 weekdays and it totally bores my brain.. i nid to add colours to the brain by doin more handicraft. since painting is nearly impossible, as its kinda troublesome to get all ur art stuff all the way frm home to dis new place.. haha

4) last reason bt is also one of the main reason behind all these.. i enjoy the process of doin it n seeing it composed into a beautiful piece than to actually wear it out myself! haha psst : i used to tink of opening a handicraft shop when i much younger (now dat im old, i kinda accept the fact that i dun tink much ppl wana buy from me.. LOL)

so to sum it all , mayb another picture of the compilation of the bracelet below?

and a picture of the bracelet with me!
 (please ignore my swollen left eye.. it has been like dis since last Saturday.. n i had no clue what causes it.. i woke up n i tadah! i received the swollen eye T_T)

dunu y.. i tink my wrist kinda shrunk/ slim down overnite.. cz this picture was taken dis morning and it seems to be loose a bit compared to yesterday.. LOL 

its ok, i will go back n alter it a bit! :)

so if u like it, please drop a comment below so that i will know my readers are interested in this topic.. and mayb i post more of this masterpiece next time or better still some tutorial next time? xD



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