Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNY 2013 nail art! xD

actually all these years, i had been doing nail arts for cousins and aunt for sny. but never took da effort to snap the masterpieces.. haha

so this year, i tot y not now! can share wif al of u mer..  so here we go!

design 1 :  brown leopard prints on nude base!

 this design definitely make you nails look more outstanding! it is easy to match watever clothes u plan to wear! hehe

nice anot? xD

maybe close up for u? hehe

design 2 : abstract nail art

this one gt more cny feel la.. cz gt red over dere! haha *typical chinese mindset* :p

design 3 : mix and match!

mix and match gives you more choices! haha dats wat i love most! n also make you more chio! dats y i painted it for my self! hahahaha

my right hand! could draw any design cz i cant draw wif the left hand..hehe

right hand :  blinged + lepard print! hehe

i have more.. bt i forgot to take pictures of it.. :( maybe next year? haha

so do u like these designs?  by the way, i used acryllic to make the painting instead of nail polish.. love acryllic cz they dry fast and last longer! hehe

oh! cousins were suggesting me to do free lance nail art job for cny next year! wat do u tink? am i up to the standard?LOL



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