Tuesday, January 29, 2013

how to : homemade popcorns. ready in 3minutes!

this post is specially for all POPCORN LOVERS out dere!  ^^

buying popcorns from the cinemas or shop is kinda costly if u really compare the selling price with  the cost price. basically 50cents of dried corn  would give u a big bowl of popcorn in the end! xD

so let me share with you the recipe i used to made the popcorns just now ( ya.. i really did it like 30mins ago) hahaha

ingredient :

1. dried corns. in case you dont know how they look like.. here you go..

(photo credits to google )

you cn get it from mini markets or even super markets like Tesco. dirt cheap like mad!! 

2.  sugar
3. a small cube of butter
4. a tablespoon of oil

dats it! only 4 ingredients and i bet 3 out 4 of the ingredient is already in ur kitchen. LOL


  1. Pour the oil into you pan/wok and turn on the medium fire. ensure dat da whole surface of the pan/wok is   coated with a thin layer of cooking oil.
  2. Once the oil is hot, turn the fire to the smallest mode. Pour in the dried corns. REMEMBER TO COVER THE PAN/WOK! you dont want your pop corn to pop into your whole kitchen, do you? haha
  3. After 1 minutes, you will hear the popping sound of the popcorn. once the sound stops, your popcorn is ready!
  4. Pour the popcorns into a bowl
  5. Put the sugar and butter into the pan/wok and melt it.
  6. Pour in the popcorns made just know into the pan/wok and stir well to make sure all the popcorns is coated with caramel.
  7. Your popcorns is ready to be served! enjoy! ^^

this is da one i made just now.. hehe go try out ya! ;)

bye! gotta enjoy it over a good movie in front of my new smart TV. hehe

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