Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dazzling Couture Shopping Spree!

hie lovelies!good news!! i have a good place for accessories shopping  to intro u today! :))

its definitely non other than...


their fb: http://www.facebook.com/mydazzlingcouture?fref=ts
and website : http://dazzlingcouture.com

Bought few of their stuff for CNY this year. (yes, i bought it with my own money. this is nt an advertorial post, thankiu! ) It was my first time purchasing from them and oh no! their service and product was seriously damn good!!  and most importantly, the price is super reasonable! <3 p="">
So this is wat i received the next day after i made my payment! A parcel on my doorsteps!

Super love their simple and cute packaging. teehee :)

and when i unwrap it.. this is wat i saw. buble-fied accessories to prevent any damage! so good~  hehe

ok..let me show u the things i bought! xD

HM Inspired Bunting Necklace! had been looking for this necklace high and low ever since i saw it in the magazine the other time. When i found out that they are selling, i was super happy! xDDD 

Guess the price?

its only RM8.90!! oh my gawd! where cn i find a better place to get such bargain, u tell me??

and this is my full coordinate on how i pair it with ;)


ASOS inspired Pastel Bunting Necklace! Super pretty and colourful. Perfect to be paired with plain dark coloured clothes! add on this little piece to spice up your OOTD :)

and they do sell a matching bracelet to go with it too! mad love 

my coordinate?

Guess the price again?

necklace : RM8.90
bracelet : RM7.90

and definitely with all the good service + reasonable price + good quality + fast shipping, i will definitely gona go dere to shop more! typing this post itself already make me fingers go itchy and wana go dere shop again.. hehe

My WISHLIST from their shop:
 * in case some1 is kind enough to make my wish come through* xP

1. Gold spike necklace

2. ASOS Linked Spike Bracelet (gold)

3. ASOS Cross and Skull Linked Bracelet

4. Gold Spike Cap

5. Gold Spike Drop Earring

So these are the top 5 things i wish i could have in my drawer. notice the similarity? gold and spikes!  what are the things you like from them? same as me? :)

Do check them out n like their facebook page so that you can get the latest news on their stock arrival ;)



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