Saturday, March 5, 2011


ok.dis is my 1st post as a 21year-old grown up lady~ (cey...grown up lo~ *proud* xP )

so yea..i turn 21 on the 2nd of march..and i feel old now..LOL im suppose to act more mature n so occording to my fwen, the word : childish cant seems to stop following me around~ xD mayb im born to be not the mature type..haha

anyway, had a splendid n all the memorable birthday the other day.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR MAKING ME FEEL SO SPECIAL ON MY BIRTHDAY!! was so touched over all the surprises everyone gave me~ xD

1. housemates had a surprise 'party' for me when the clock strikes 12!

they came knocking on my room door..n went i open the door..SURPRISED! birthday cake, song, presents and even VIDEO CAMERA appeared before me!! seriously i was so shocked n do not know how to react.. therefore i ended up hiding behind my door due to my paiseh-ness.. @@

and they just hav to video my surprised reaction..==....

dis is my birthday cake!xD was too shocked after everything that i actually forgot to make a wish before blowing the candle =S ... thus making me blow the candle twice cz they say no matter wat must make a wish..haha

everyone share the fats n calories wif me by helping me to finish up the cake in the middle of the night..haha...

2. had a surprised present from mummy all the way from penang!

seriously, mummy was soooooooo daring to pos laju this here.. i mean.. who dares to send gifts frm lazo diamond through pos laju??LOL
plus the name LAZO DIAMOND is stated clearly on the box!!haha

tadah! my key of freedom + necklace + earrings!

3. presents received on that day itself!hehe

housemates shared $$ n got me 2in1 iron tongs, nail dryer and hair product... meaningful birthday card + lazo diamond stuff frm mummy... adorable birthday card frm the coursemate...

4. lots n lots of sms + calls on that day..that my hp ran out of battery halfway!haha

according to my fwen, my senior actually sms everyone my hp number n ask everyone to wish me happy birthday! so sweet of her! xD

5. oh ya! the president of chinese society actually announced to everyone dat the other day was my borthday n make everyone sing birthday song to me!

was soooooo touched dat so many ppl made such effort to celebrate my birthday!thank you once again! ^^v


  1. u forgt me... huhuhuhu.. jahat daphne au...
    actually i thought of buying u da dolphin key punya... then see see le, haiya, i x suit to gv u key, i knw ur mummy sure will gv, so i choose RIBBON punya...

  2. happy birthday again.. definitely =)

  3. jamie : i din forget ler..this post is bout wat i present/surprised i've received on my 02/03 mer~xD

    your i tak sempat snap a pic of it before i came thus explains why i din upload the pic..hehe

    btw, ur ribbon punya pendant also very nice mer!hehe

  4. simon : thank you! bt where is my present?

    (just joking) =p