Sunday, February 27, 2011

genting part 2~


finally able to steal some time to blog here~ assignments, test n spring fest stuff are piling like mount everest these days..haiz...

wanted to explore the outdoor dat time bt unfortunately we had limited time left plus the unpredictable haze out dere...

ended up in the arcade section playing like mad with the sap ha sap ha gang!!xD hey..dun look down on us k?

we sort of like reach the high score every single game k? and ended up with unlimited ticket flowing out of the machine!^^v

like this! hehe... we keep on play this game til the tickets ran out of stock for dunu how many zillion times n we had to ask the technician to come over to reload the tickets~ haha

see! won this amount of ticket in like few matches only!! *so proud* xP

cant help it bt to pose with the tickets!hehe

look at the amount of ticket on the floor!xD

so much til everything gets tangled up... =S

janice had to entangle everything in order for the ticket eater machine to eat those tickets.. psst.. almost every passer-by cant help it but to keep on staring at the amount of tickets we had..haha

woot! 1691 tickets!! and thats not all..apart of it only~ haha

hmm..have you ever experience this scenario where you had too much ticket til u dunu wat to change at the exchange counter??!!LOL thats wat we experience.. we choose watever we wanted that so much points also wor? its like you pick the gifts til dunu wat to pick d lo...hahaha

and guess wat? right after we left... the technician had no choice bt to....

put this notice : under maintenance ! they must had realised that this game brings lost to the company n decided to close the machine!haha xP

p/s: just to let you know...i type this post like for dunu how many million times..again n my hostel's wifi is super CACAT!! keep on dc...haiz...

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