Tuesday, April 13, 2010

nail art crazy!!

my nail art crazie is back!!

nail art pretty arent they? i enjoy the most of it during the process to create them..it just make me excited and curious on what the outcome is going to be :) however, its definitely frustrating when your design got smeared while waiting for it to dry...

omg..the drying process kills me...i just cant wait for it to dry..why cant nail polish dries off instantly?hmmm... drying process is time consuming...and you cant apply the next coat on top of it if the layer before it is still wet..this will ruin all your effort

for me, nail art is a good exercise..cz it helps to exercise my brain to think of new designs to put on my nails...previously im into 3d crystals...but now.. im into the simple and basic pokadots! i find them cute and interesting :)

1) watermelon french manicure

2) mix & match

3) manicure with the theme ocean

omg...now im excited to make a new design!!
got to go and start designing :)

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