Tuesday, May 1, 2012

slow wifi kills my blogging mojo!!

yea! it has always been lidat..
everytime i wana blog..da wifi just wont let me log in..it takes forever to just load the page!!
 n by da time i log in, i forget 95% of the things i wana say!! :(
then i will hav no mood to just write those few lines left in my brain n post it here..

i depend 100% on the wifi in my hostel to connect to the world as im not signed wif any broadband.. (ya..im so kiam siap! )

just dun like the commitment dat i hav to pay every month to the telco when i can hv free( but cacat) wifi at d hostel.. n yes..im kiam siap to the extend dat im ok wif giving up 50% of my iPhone's function by nt subscribing any data plan for it too! heh~ (sorry iPhone)

anyway, because i hv cacat connectivity, i tend b lazy n lazier to blog n thus explains my MIA for these few months... guess u hav been missing quite a lot, bloggie...sorry.. :(

oh ya! just a curious question..was wondering do i stil hav anymore readers here after me being missing for some time??? pls report in by commenting in this post below..xD

for those loyal reader, here u go! a photo of me to bribe you all!! xDD

okla..2 photos to bribe you! (cz i wana show off my blue nails~ xP )


  1. lol~ same here for the wifi speed.... argh~~~~ XD

  2. wa! ah ye..nt bad...how u noe i update d?LOL

  3. wa! ah ye..nt bad...how u noe i update d?LOL

  4. wa! ur bribe= 2photos + short essay nia ahh....i wana start an angry mob liao lo lidattttt....