Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paradigm mall~

Had a sudden trip to kl today!! Hehe

Omg! I wrote n pretty long post just now den I press wrong button...n it disappeared!!!! T.T
Y blogging through iPhone is so hard wan????

1st time using token to take the lrt in kl..hehe

Meet up with cousin n went to paradigm mall for shopping! Overall..dun rely like the mall except for its OPENING SALES! Hehe

Da layout very confusing until we wana find a nice place to have our lunch pun susah! Argh!!!

Finally found a simple place called "the loaf " to have some light lunch..

The interior~ pretty n simple!

This is wat we ordered :

1. Various type of bread!

2. Rosso colzone.. So tasty! The cheese in dere is like bubble gum pull til long long le! Hehe

3. Beef lasagne.. Thumbs up! Bt super small portion only :(

4. Toast

5. Crossaint.. Super rich with cream n cheese! Awesome but fattening!

And all these cost us 60++
Expensive? Or Reasonable?

Den came across this shop! So creative! It's pizza in a cone.. So basically u cn now eat pizza like an ice cream!haha

This is wat I called 'think out of the box '

Shall end my post with this cute balloon dat I came across in da mall..such cute deco for their opening!hehe


  1. hahah.. i am interested on ur token to take the lrt. when start one oh? haha.. next time take lrt and i dunno how then look like a orang kampung le. LOL

  2. Hahaha..not much difference actually..just dat when u exit u hav to put da token in da slot dat looks like tabung

    1. hahah. icic.. next time go kl see see... last time i saw all those machine install ady. but haven start to use it

  3. Next time cn use credit card to buy da token also d now under Reno~