Thursday, January 26, 2012

movie day~

happy chinese new year peeps!! ^^

so how was your cny? get lotsa red packets?? xD

done wif all the bai nian? or you stil have many houses to go still? hehe

as for me, i've done my bai nian-ing..we had such a small family so dere isnt much peeps to bai nian wif..

had nothing better to do, and off we went to watch movie together... movie gathering with mum, cousins, aunty and uncle~ hehehe

wat movie? cny of course watch comedy ler..hehe

watch dis :

overall it was a nice movie..make you laugh like mad bt with a little pinch of touching moment to convey the message of the importance of family to the youngsters out dere :)

definitely a thumb up for them! go watch them with your family if u havent do so..xD

the stuff we bought into the cinema.. (we called it the legal stuff)

if dere is legal stuff, there is definitely illegal stuff to pair up with it rite? yeah! the things cousin sneak into cinema..LOL

there are more actually.. xP

and that's me! hehe nice lighting and thx to janice :)

to complete the hong kong-ness..we went to kim gary for lunch after dat! support bosco all da way! LOL (although i dun rely like him)

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