Sunday, January 8, 2012

me wan dat PORORO !! T_T

in case u dunu wats pororo....


dis is pororo~ arent they cute?? xD

for those who watched da korean gameshow called RUNNING MAN... u will definitely noe wat is PORORO.. xD

i hav always wanted it... went high n low searching for it bt could find any.... until yesterday...

my fwen called me saying dat he saw a big n cute pororo in a shop n asked me if i wanted to buy!! so excied n happy dat is tart jumping around like a mad gal in da room ( thank god! nobody was in da room..hehe )

wanted to fly dere immediately to see da pororo...hehe

he took a pic of it and sent to me..

here u go~

the soft toy.. now..should i buy?? shud i shud i?? bt its pretty expensive... the angelic part of me said NO, DAPHNE!

bt the devil just cant stop tempting me to buy it...argh!! stress!! :(


keep on thinking til i dreamt of owning it yesterday nite... xD

so happy when i received it! (in da dream.... :( )

woke up next morning with nothing... and here i m blogging without a PORORO...

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  1. may i know where your friend saw this please..