Sunday, June 9, 2013

GSC Buy 1 Free 1 tickets is back!!!

Hello lovelies! 
Back for a short update! Hehe had been real busy with finals please bear with me alright? ;)

Meanwhile, I have something nice to share with you all here while I'm away.. 

YES! Like wat the tittle says, GSC Buy 1 Free 1 movie ticket promo is back! This promotion is valid at all outlets.. But only applicable for Mondays and Wednesday..>< 

Oh ya! Remember to use ur debit cards to make the transaction in order to claim the free ticket ya? Debit cards for all banks cn be used :)

So what r u waiting for? Go date some1 out for a movie now!  

In case u tink I am lying..below is the advertorial advertised by them..hehe 

Terms and conditions: 
1. Each Cardmember will only be entitled to a maximum of one (1) free ticket per transaction per day, regardless of the total number of tickets purchased.

2. The On-Ground Redemption is applicable to any movies and all ticket class (normal, 2D, 3D, Twin Seats, Premiere and Gold Class).

3. The On-Ground Redemption is only valid for tickets purchased at the Participating GSC Outlets’ Box Office counters and does not apply to GSC tickets purchased online via the Internet or mobile applications.

4. The On-Ground Redemption is applicable only for the purchase of movie tickets for movie screening on the same day when tickets are purchased.

5. A total of ten thousand (10,000) complimentary GSC tickets will be available throughout the Program Period to be given out on a first-come first-served basis. The On-Ground Redemption will automatically end when all the ten thousand (10,000) complimentary GSC tickets have been fully redeemed or by15th July 2013, whichever is earlier. 

6. All payments must be made with a Debit Card to be entitled to the On-Ground Redemption. 



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