Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Food Hunt: Vivo , AEON Bandaraya Melaka (near Starbucks)

Loha! Im back with more food!haha 
*warning! if you are hungry now please do not scroll down to avoid any mental suffering*

had been eating great recently and thus explains the lining up of more food hunt post coming soon!haha

so today's post, VIVO!! The best cafe i had encounter so far!! xD

the place of great food & great price! and mind you, great food n price usually wont come in a same sentence. cz in order to get a better food, you nid to pay more. but no! this cafe proves you wrong! they made these 2 adjectives come in together in a sentence! :)

hmm.. let me show you wat we ordered! hehe

started off with this sparkling juice! yummy~ n its fizzy! xD

next up..

Lemon Herb Salmon Steak!
gawd!! the salmon skin is so crispy and nais!!!!!!!! make me hungry just looking  this picture...

Baked fish pasta! 

The taste of the fish and sauce blends so well that i just had to ordered every single time i visit vivo! LOL

and its not just me.. all the different groups of fwen dat went wif me tried and said it was awesome! :)

Teriyaki chicken

Very flavourful! 

You can even taste the teriyaki sauce inside the chicken.
 Most of the places that i have tried, the taste usually stuck on the skin and if you are like me (ppl wont often remove the skin) you will often end up eating a tasteless chicken.. haha

Oriental Baked rice

This dish is a little spicy but it a good match if you have already ordered a lot of creamy/cheesy dishes. It will spice up your meal a little ;)

oh! and when we went the other time, they had this promotion..

yup.. this offer.. the baked rice we ordered was listed here. therefore we get to order another personal pizza for half price! whee!!!

oh! n from here you can roughly see the price range la.. hehe

and so we ordered this! n i forgot wat flavour was this.. hahahah

so these are wat we ordered for 4pax. was soooooooooooo full after the meal dat i cant really move afterwards! haha

definitely on top of list for cafes so far.. ;)
go try and tell me your experience..

and oh! if u wana see wat other menus they offer, do check out the Vivo Official Website :)



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