Tuesday, July 13, 2010

blogging all the way from malacca

so here i am.. all the way in malacca!

so for those of you who would like to know how am i here.. dun worry! im alright over here ( although having flu and sore throat!)haha!!

life here was not that bad..

i would call it a simple life :)

anyway, sorry for not updating cz i could not upload all those pictures up here as im currently using the camputer in the computer lab in my uni!

will post up pictures soon.. (when i go back or get my lappie)

oh!! for those of you whose wondering which uni im in now...

yup. UTeM in short..

i'll owe you the pictures first..
erm.. on a second thought.. maybe i should post up some picture taken from the internet :)

this is where i am right now :) computer lab. if im not mistaken..we have 500 computers for students here

this is my hostel. kolej kediaman bunga raya @ bunga raya. its an off-campus hostel

this is the main campus. we have anada campus in the city and anada building called makmal fasa B. that makmal is used as the faculty of mechanical engineering. so basically only mechanical students can go dere and use the stuff there. and this means that IM INCLUDED!! whee!!!
erm.. da rest (other facilities) i'll blog about it later la..
till then.. tata